About Angela

I have been a designer for a little more than 10 years, have a great passion for design and its potential to impact lives. Over the years, I have created interior spaces for families, individuals and retail spaces that reflect who they are as a brand, an individual person and who they are as a family.

“Design is not just for the designer, but for all those that are affected by it.” -anonymous

A graduate from Ohio State’s design program; my skills are, but not limited to Visual Communication Design, Visual Merchandising, Fashion Styling, Interior Spaces, Expert Color Consultant for Residential properties and Commercial interiors, and Photography. I have worked for companies such as Express, DiYanni Homes, ROTO as well as ran my own company for a little while.

Being able to translate a thought or an idea into a tangible space is largely what I am about. I hold the ability to tell a story and to evoke a feeling when walking into a room, a home, an office, or a retail space. I have developed the knowledge and skill set to elevate a space that will drive business or create an environment that is fit for comfort in your own home.

When I am not working with clients or sitting at my desk, I like to spend my time hitting the trails running long distance events, fishing, writing in my journal, hiking, taking day trips and training for the upcoming season. I  have a strong skill set, hold a deep passion and great excitement for everything that I do and am continually looking forward to every opportunity.

Feel Free to reach out by sending me a message at angediyanni@gmail.com

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