Color Consulting: Residential

Client: Various Color Designer: Angela Di Yanni Project Type: Residential / Commerical  Location: Columbus, OH Summary: Adding personality and color savviness to buildings and neighborhoods across central Ohio by assisting clients “on the spot”. House colors don’t just boost your mood, enhance the neighborhood and welcome you, they can increase the value of your home.  […]


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The Port Case Study

The Port – Port Discovery Children’s Museum Baltimore, Maryland As the centerpiece gallery for a children’s museum, “The Port” brings to life the kineticism of a real harbor by utilizing foam blocks as an analog for shipping containers. My part in this project; edit the Master Plan book, ideate on featured activities for the port […]

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Columbus Museum of Art: Wonderball

Client: Columbus Museum of Art Event Planning and Committee Board Member: Angela Di Yanni Artist: Various Project Type: Annual Fundraising event Location: Columbus, OH Date of Event: January 2019 Summary: An affair of wondrous proportions to experience the curious, the strange and the marvelously mad. A fundraising benefit for programs such as: Teen Open Studio, Sparking Imaginations, Art […]

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Art Installation

Client: LIFE Church Production Designer/Project Manager: Angela Di Yanni Construction Crew Chief: Kevin Havlin Project Type: Art Installation Location: Lobby of LIFE Church Size: 8’H x 20’W Date of Event: December 2018 Summary: In collaboration with the Pastors and staff of LIFE Church, we developed and designed a temporary art installation project as a part […]

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LIVE Show Design

Client: Vesperteen Planning and Production Design: Angela Di Yanni Project Type: LIVE show design Location: Newport Music Hall Date of Event: November 2017 Summary: Headlining for the first time in his home town, Vesperteen wanted this show to be special. After receiving an overwhelming amount of support from many of his young fans that he […]

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Production Design

Client: Center of Hope a social service non-profit organization Planning, Production Design, and Scenic Art: Angela Di Yanni and Fred Paddock Project Type: Visual Exhibit  Location: Columbus, OH Date of Event: November 2017 Summary: In collaboration with the Directors and Board members at the Center of Hope, we developed and designed a temporary exhibition as […]

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Fashion Stylist

For a few years I was a Creative Stylist for a high-fashion retail company, Factory Outlet department. These are some of the Mannequin stylings that I did with that company. Most of these were set in a mock store before being photographed and sent to stores. Please note that all marketing has been removed for […]

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Visual Merchandising

For nearly 4 years I was apart of the Visuals Department for both Express and Express Factory Outlets.  During the first 2 years I was on the Women’s Visual team as a Coordinator and the last 2 years I was the Men’s Visual Coordinator, Stylist and Visual Communicator writing Brand Guides to stores. Our team was […]

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