Fashion Stylist

For a few years I was a Creative Stylist for a high-fashion retail company, Factory Outlet department. These are some of the Mannequin stylings that I did with that company. Most of these were set in a mock store before being photographed and sent to stores.

Please note that all marketing has been removed for brand rights.

Casual Looks
Screenshot 2017-11-07 19.56.16.png Screenshot 2017-11-07 19.56.46.png Screenshot 2017-11-07 19.56.58.png

11.jpg 13.jpg 12.jpg 14.jpg
Screenshot 2017-11-07 19.06.05.pngScreenshot 2017-11-07 19.06.11.png
Screenshot 2017-11-07 19.06.21.pngScreenshot 2017-11-07 19.06.34.png

Wear to Work Looks
Screenshot 2017-11-07 19.06.56.png Screenshot 2017-11-07 19.37.33.png     Screenshot 2017-11-07 19.07.22.png Screenshot 2017-11-07 18.28.16.png

Going Out // Occasion Looks
Screenshot 2017-11-07 19.06.43.png Screenshot 2017-11-07 19.06.48.png
Screenshot 2017-11-07 19.07.13 copy.jpg Screenshot 2017-11-07 19.07.17.jpg
Screenshot 2017-11-07 19.56.37.png Screenshot 2017-11-07 19.56.31.png


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