Production Design

Client: Center of Hope a social service non-profit organization
Planning, Production Design, and Scenic Art: Angela Di Yanni and Fred Paddock
Project Type: Visual Exhibit 
Columbus, OH

Date of Event: November 2017

In collaboration with the Directors and Board members at the Center of Hope, we developed and designed a temporary exhibition as a part of their annual fundraising event about the four types of families/individuals that the center works with.

This one-night temporary exhibition was a way to provide a visual of the lives of those who come to the organization. It also created a regional dialogue focused on the future. The event exceeded expectations and raised more than $100,000 for the Center.

Below are those stories. Names have been fictionalized.

Storyline 1:
Alan is a 40 yr. old male. Former drug addict, but clean for almost 2 years.
As a convicted felon; no one seems to be willing to take a chance on hiring him
He is really trying to find his way, and make a new life for himself. Discouragement, frustration, and hopelessness are his constant companions; causing him to wonder if he
can maintain this much longer?
Allen 1

Storyline 2:
Sweet Myrna is 78 years old and lives alone. Her income is fixed, she has no support system to help her and often has to choose between buying her medicine and food.
There are many days this grandma goes without enough food. She’s battling loneliness, fear, and lives with chronic pain. There’s a chance Myrna may not be able to keep
going like this much longer.
Myrna 2

Storyline 3:
A victim of domestic violence, Shelly now finds herself alone with two young children.
To secure the safety of her children and herself, she put what she could in a garbage bag and they fled with the clothes on their back. After living 4-weeks in a community shelter, they currently stay in the basement of a friend’s house. Shelly blames herself for what happened and feels isolated, afraid and secluded. What will be Shelly’s future?
Shelly 1

Storyline 4:
Toby is eight yrs. old. In spite of his age; he is still in the first grade. He has serious difficulty reading: 7-reading levels behind where he should be. If he cannot learn to read, he will fail the proficiency test which (statistically) means he will not graduate from High School. Toby wants to quit because he’s embarrassed and angry. What will
this mean for Toby’s future if there is no intervention?
Student 2


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